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What to Expect

Initial Consultation $120, Follow-up $75

Holistic Health of Las Vegas is now accepting insurance. The link below will verify what coverage a patient has as well as out of pocket cost. Please contact Dr. Holly to let her know you are starting the verification process.


Dr. Holly will take approximately an hour to hour and a half. During the intake health history will be discussed addressing past traumatic events and injuries as well as life milestones that led to the current health state.


Treatment will consist of all tools the doctor possesses. Most treatments will include cupping, acupuncture, herbal consultation, and nutritional guidance.


The human body generates new red blood cells every 70-120 days. The doctor paints this picture, that recovery starts the minute one receives treatment but will take more than four weeks to produce optimal results. The doctor generally advises to return for weekly treatments as the body acclimates to a new internal environment.

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